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William Ralston

Second Life

Your Final Resting Place Could Be a Coffin Made of Mushrooms

Loop wants to rebuild the world with ecological structures made of fungal mycelium. Its proof of concept? Living coffins.
Green Machine

Escooter Rentals Aren’t as Green as You Think

Dubious design and inefficient operations are just some of the reasons why shared scooters’ eco-credentials are thin.
Plug In

Autonomous Drones Could Soon Run the UK’s Energy Grid

The National Grid is testing computer-manned drones that can save millions in maintenance work.

Inside the race to use hydrogen to heat our homes

A village in north-eastern England is now at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution. But is this really the future of heating?

Blockchain is here to save us from ticket touts

YellowHeart founder Josh Katz says blockchain technology can help direct revenue to musicians instead of scalpers

The hottest startups in Amsterdam

With a tech ecosystem valued at €73 billion, Amsterdam’s startups have long realised the importance of an international outlook 

This startup finds the music megastars of the future

Instrumental spots hidden gems before they go big. But is it ruining music?

The future of food is all about robot farmers and electrocuting weeds

These startups are creating a sustainable food future

A dying man, a therapist and the ransom raid that shook the world

Patients put their trust in a therapy company to keep their notes and diagnoses private. Then the ransom demands arrived

How Shenzhen turned all its 16,000 buses fully electric

E-buses could be the future of environmentally-friendly public transport, but the upfront costs and charging infrastructure are holding back adoption

Covid-19 has seen a great surge in new city bike lanes

How to get a city on its bike? Ask Copenhagen, where cyclists pedal an estimated 1.4 million kilometres every weekday

Los Angeles is paving roads with recycled waste plastic

Recycled road company TechniSoil uses plastic waste, otherwise destined for landfill or our oceans, as a replacement for bitumen

Oslo got pedestrian and cyclist deaths down to zero. Here’s how

More cities are starting to pedestrianise central zones to minimize cars and eliminate deaths on public roads

The untold story of a cyberattack, a hospital and a dying woman

German prosecutors tried to prove that a ransomware attack on a hospital was to blame for someone losing their life. Their story is a warning

How South Korea’s smart crossings are cutting road deaths

Crossings in South Korea alert drivers when people are approaching, and warn pedestrians when cars are nearby

Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis raised a storm of misinformation chaos

Research has found Donald Trump is the key driver of coronavirus misinformation. When it comes to his health condition, it's business as usual
Work Smarter

Bosses are doing weird things to get people back in the office

Would you go back to the office if you were paid £55 a day for transport? What if you had free food? Your boss thinks you will

Stagnant air in your office could be riddled with coronavirus

The air flow in most modern offices can’t clear clouds of coronavirus particles, raising concerns about the safety of returning to work