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Victoria Turk

Features Editor

Victoria Turk is features editor at WIRED UK, overseeing longform stories in print and online. She writes stories at the intersection of technology, culture and science, and appears frequently on the WIRED podcast. Her book Digital Etiquette, a humorous and practical guide to modern manners, was published in 2019.

Roam Free

Meet the UK’s New Woodland Rangers: a Herd of Wild Bison

A rewilding project in Kent thinks that introducing bison to the UK can supercharge biodiversity. But how wild can introduced animals ever be?

The hottest startups in Helsinki

Helsinki’s startup scene builds on past successes, with a strong focus on sustainability

Our burnout moment is a good thing

As lockdowns start to lift, we have a rare opportunity to address burnout on a systemic level – and make sure everyone’s included

How to stop your pandemic puppy from going loco as lockdown lifts

Millions of new pets have been purchased during the pandemic. But as lockdown lifts and restrictions ease, dogs used to having their owners around are in for a difficult time
Work Smarter

The co-founder of Evernote wants to make Zoom calls fun

Phil Libin’s Mmhmm aims to bring TV presenter-style pizazz to your meetings. And AR emojis

The benefits of microdosing might be down to the placebo effect

People who regularly take small amounts of LSD say it has benefits for mental health and concentration, but a new study shows that placebo pills can have a similar effect
Work Smarter

I quit Monzo to look after alpacas

Paul Rippon quit as co-founder of challenger bank Monzo to take care of a farm full of friendly alpacas

The UK is infecting people with Covid-19 for science. Is it worth it?

The UK has approved the first human challenge study for Covid-19. But now we have the vaccines, is it still worth the risk?

10 of the best board games for two players

Need a screen break, but trapped inside? Here's our selection of the best board games for couples to enjoy

How to break out of your Spotify feedback loop and find new music

Does the algorithm know you too well? Here’s how to shake up your recommendations for a more diverse listening experience

The mystery of the world’s loneliest penguins

King penguins have started popping up on Martillo Island in Argentina. Where they came from, and whether they will stay, is a mystery
Social Networks

Covid-19 has made ending online abuse even more urgent

Seyi Akiwowo started Glitch! to hold tech platforms to account when it comes to online abuse – a mission that is more important than ever

You need to stop sharing your passwords with your partner

Tech designers often assume that one account means one user – but in reality many couples admit to sharing credentials, resulting in a security mess

Covid-19 has resurrected the woeful tech of home printers

Thanks to lockdowns and home schooling, the unloved, unreliable and often unfathomable piece of consumer technology that is the home printer is popular once more – even with tattoo artists

Coronavirus has turned the humble QR code into an everyday essential

QR codes have been dismissed as a marketing gimmick – but in our touch-free world, they’re proving their worth
Internet Culture

Sarah Cooper skewers Trump on TikTok. Now Boris is in her sights

Sarah Cooper is on a mission – to turn the President of the United States' own words into a weapon of mass hysterics
Long Reads

Zoom took over the world. This is what will happen next

Covid-19 threw us all into a global remote-working experiment. But will the future of the workplace be on Zoom?

These four coronavirus vaccines are the closest to becoming reality

There are hundreds of candidate coronavirus vaccines currently being developed, but these four are already edging ahead in the global race
Long Reads

Inside the messy mission to make train travel as easy as flying

As more people opt for train holidays, enthusiasts, tech companies and the European Commission are trying to make ticket-booking a smoother journey

How Dominic Cummings could ruin the UK’s coronavirus response

Stay at home, protect the NHS, don’t drive to Durham