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Amtrak's Airo

Amtrak's Airo Fleet Expands to Meet Surging Rail Travel Demand

Amidst rising demands for passenger rail travel, Amtrak has procured 10 more Airo trainsets, amplifying the total contract order to an impressive 83 trainsets. Set for their grand entrance in 2026, these state-of-the-art trains are expected to serve routes across the nation.

Lviv Train Station

Enhancing Travel and Tourism: European Track Gauge to Improve Connections Between Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova

In an effort to strengthen travel and tourism between Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova, a recent study published by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) has proposed the deployment of the European track gauge on lines connecting Lviv and Chișinău. This strategic move aims to enhance cross-border connections and boost economic integration in the region.

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India train crash 2 june 2023

Massive Train Crash in India Kills Hundreds

The safety of India’s old and extensive train system is being questioned after a massive accident that killed over 280 people and injured more than 1,000 in Odisha state on Friday, June 2.

FCO Connect

ITA Airways to Offer Train Plus Plane Package

Aeroporti di Roma, ITA Airways and Trenitalia have jointly developed a new “train plus plane” package that enables passengers to simplify the travel experience by combining rail with air travel on a single ticket with check-in at the train station via the dedicated counters in the Leonardo da Vinci Airport.

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