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Free Aromatherapy Workshops

Banyan Tree Samui Offers Free Aromatherapy Workshops

The luxury beachfront resort, Banyan Tree Samui, has been a frontrunner in offering holistic experiences to its visitors. With its division of 88 pool villas dedicated to “Wellbeing Sanctuary” guests, the resort has now further augmented its list of health-centric offerings.

Air Ambulance

Horizon Aircraft Targets Surging Global Air Ambulance Market with Innovative eVTOL

In a recent analysis of industry data, Horizon Aircraft, a Canada-based leader in hybrid electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aerial vehicles, found a remarkable 26% increase in global air ambulance departures between January and July 2023 compared to the same period in 2019. In Canada, the jump was even more pronounced at 97%.

Hot July

July 2023 Stands as the Hottest Month in Recorded History

In an unprecedented revelation from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), July 2023 is set to be the hottest month ever recorded, marking a concerning acceleration in the global warming trend largely driven by human activity.


UK Dental Crisis Spikes Interest in Overseas Treatments

As access to National Health Service (NHS) dentistry diminishes in the UK, with over 12 million people reportedly affected, a surge in Britons seeking dental care abroad has been observed. The failing system, which has left one in four adults in England unable to fulfil their dental needs, has led to a rising trend in dental tourism.


Staring Down Smoke: Hong Kong's Unique Tactic to Curb Public Smoking

In a unique attempt to dissuade smoking in public spaces, Hong Kong's top health official has proposed a novel approach: mutual, silent disapproval from onlookers. According to the region's health secretary, Lo Chung-mau, giving a stare to smokers when they light up a cigarette in public could act as a potent deterrent.


Japan Reports First Death from Tick-Borne Oz Virus

A Japanese woman in her 70s has died in hospital, becoming the world’s first fatality from a tick-borne virus. Reports suggest that the woman contracted the Oz virus during the summer of 2022 after being bitten by an infected tick in Ibaraki province, located north of Tokyo.

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