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Craig Grannell

Game Time

Is Apple’s M2 MacBook Air Any Good for Games?

That depends how serious you are about AAA titles, performance, and price.

The iPad mini 2021 is great! But does its shine fade?

Apple’s smallest iPad has big ambitions, but we wanted to find out how it fared after a whole month of use

Why hasn’t Apple axed the iPhone mini and iPad mini?

Disappointing sales? Who cares! And give the baby gear all the upgrades. Just who inside Apple is in love with the iPhone and iPad mini?
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The best keyboards for iPads (and other tablets) in 2022

Turn your iPad, Surface and more into a fully realised working machine with these nifty keyboard accessories
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Which iPad should you buy?

Apple has one or two iPads on sale. In fact, it has enough to make things confusing. Let us guide you to the best iPad for you

Why would anyone want a 16-inch iPad?

With the 12.9in iPad Pro already at the very edge of being manageable, the rumoured supersize iPad Pro Max makes no sense at all

No, the 2021 iPad Pro won’t replace your laptop

Apple’s best-ever tablet is powerful, wonderful to use and as opinionated as the company that made it

Why Apple went all in on audio at WWDC21

Audio is the next big user interface and Apple is all over it

It’ll take more than Wear OS and Tizen merging to beat Apple Watch

This new pairing must be bold and do things Apple can’t, or won’t, if it’s going to have any hope of redeeming Android smartwatches
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Which MacBook should you buy in 2022?

In this time of mass Mac upheaval, WIRED Recommends is on hand to help you decide which is the best MacBook for you

Inside the obsessive world of miniature arcade machine makers

Recreated with an obsessive level of detail, these mini arcade cabs deliver big on nostalgic gaming

This is why Apple’s new M1 Macs don’t have Face ID

Apple's new computers look oddly archaic. The bezels are whoppers, there’s no cellular option, no touchscreens and no Face ID. And there's a good reason why

Is Apple TV gearing up to be a full-fat games console?

If the rumours are true, gaming is the next industry Apple wants to conquer. But to do so, Apple will have to stop being Apple long enough to give itself a chance in this space