29 of The Best Subscription Boxes to Send as Gifts

From surprise tech treats and creative craft kits, to plants in the post and alcohol-free booze, these are the best subscription gift boxes to send in 2022.

Subscription boxes are a nice gift year round but it's getting to be that time again when they become more of act of good citizen too. For those of us who have been working from home or isolating or shielding, the sound of the doorbell to signal another delivery is both thrill and torture. These subscription gift boxes and services, though, should work nicely as a surprise treat (that keeps coming) for a friend having a tough time or a family member you haven't seen in months. And while you're at it, treat yourself - it's practically the law after all.

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True music discovery 

Casavinyl, the electronic/dance music vinyl store set up by DJ Peter Asiaw, has a superb vinyl subscription service offering ‘handpicked records’ each month - and the selections are much wider than classic dance and electronic genres. The club starts at £20 a month for two records - or 20 credits in the store if you/your recipient prefers to do the picking - with options for three, five or ten records a month (topping out at £85 a month).

Our trial batch showcased the curation and discovery on offer here beautifully with records including a Sterns Edits double of Orchestra Baobab (a long time fave) and a track from Guinean guitarist Djessou Mory Kanté’s River Strings. Before they arrived, we picked our genres - you can hit ‘a bit of everything’ - and as our criteria included disco and funk we were sent the incredible Domu Disco Jazz Edits bangers Love Vibe and Give It Up - what a joy to get us through winter. We also got rather into the rare grooves of the Pleasure of Love 05 curation from Daniel T and Duckcomb. In other words, Casavinyl does that rare thing well - it gives you a bit of something you like and a bit of something you didn’t know you liked. Perfect if you and your friends have just decided to ditch Spotify. 

Price: From £20 a month | Casavinyl

Geek and Gadget Gifts


A one-stop shop for cult gifts

One for gamers, anime fans and pop-culture aficionados, Lootcrate provides a selection of collectibles, clothing, figures and more to the lucky recipient. Each subscription ‘crate’ can be tailored to suit fans of pop culture, film and TV, animation or gaming with limited-edition buys buys available too. Each edition features a surprise selection, but you can narrow it down into franchises such as Marvel Gear + Goods, JK Rowlings’ Wizarding World, Star Trek and Destiny Universe. A recent Masters of the Universe crate came complete with a Ghostbusters jacket.

Price: From £19 per month | Sign up to Lootcrate

Gadget Discovery Club

Tech treats

Whether you’re buying for a tech novice or an avid tech tinkerer, the Gadget Discover Club will find something they didn't know they needed. The subscription service covers everything from music tech to wearables and smart home with devices including Google Home speakers and kit from Philips and Samsung. Upon signing up, you’ll get asked to select your preferences - be the box for yourself, a family member or a friend - and asked if you’re ‘not that tech savvy’, a ‘frequent gadget user’ or a ‘gadget geek’. You can then choose your plan ranging from month to month to a more committed 12-months subscription.

Price: From £33 per month | Sign up to Gadget Discovery Club


Sip Champagnes 

Bring the bubbly to them 

At WIRED we've covered Big Tech, Big Beef, even Big Toothbrush - Sip Champagnes is trying to break the hold of Big Champagne i.e. the same brands offering the same experience and making what should be special seem a bit “one-dimensional”. With monthly subscription packages from £50 (for one bottle) up to £500 (six to nine bottles, including rare cuvées), complete with stylishly presented accompanying theme and tasting notes, Sip's expert Peter Crawford works with producers from across the whole region with savings starting at £15. The trial sub we tested featured a Carte Blanche Non Dose (crisp and chalky with tropical fruit aromas) from the Beaugrand family, the first growers in the village of Montgueux, and a Barrat-Masson Nuances de Carnoie (floral and fruity) from Villenauxe-la-Grande in the south. And yes, both bottles pleased the drinks snobs we roped into testing very much. So you can send this to connoisseurs - or wannabe connoisseurs - with full confidence. 

Price: From £50 per month | Sign up to Sip Champagnes 

Craft Gin Club

"I've been getting really into gin"

Missing the pub? This giddy subscription box from Craft Gin Club, which lets you try unique small batch gins, aims to bring happy hour home. You can sign up to receive a box every one, two or three months, only pay for the months you get and pause your subscription at any time. Each box contains a full-size bottle of craft gin, tonics and garnish to create a delicious G&T, ingredients for a cocktail of the month and a sweet and savoury treat. Oh and there’s a 56-page club magazine to enjoy while you sit back and sip away.

Price: From £40 per month | Sign up to Craft Gin Club


Compare notes

Bored of your regular supermarket plonk? A wine club like Ourglass will spice things up, opening you up to new flavours, notes, legs and full bodies. Ourglass helps you choose a selection of three to six bottles every month, suggesting wines depending on your preference from a selection of over 1,500 types from around the world. Each box comes with tasting tips and the membership is flexible, so you can skip a month if you fancy going dry for a while.

If you’re looking for something to pair with your wine, The Cheese Geek can deliver a bespoke cheese box as a one off on or a subscription basis. Each box from the modern cheesemonger includes up to five artisan cheeses.

Ourglass: From £40 per month | Sign up to Ourglass The Cheese Geek: From £42 per month | Sign up to The Cheese Geek

Beer 52 + Sober Sauce

Crack open an isolation brew

If you know someone who can tell their Duvel from their Dovetail Helles in one sip, then a beer subscription might be just the ticket. Beer 52 is a craft beer discovery club that offers themed subscription boxes that take you on a journey to discover unique flavours from around the world - from England to Estonia and Canada to Australia. Each box includes eight mixed or light beers a month, a snack and beer magazine to accompany.

For anyone embracing sobriety however, Sober Sauce makes for an excellent alternative. The company offers alcohol-free hand picked beers on subscription, delivering upright different beers every month for you to try. Each box includes a mix of lagers, pale and medium-bodied ales.

Beer 52: From £24 per month | Sign up to Beer 52 Sober Sauce: From £20 per month | Sign up to Sober Sauce


Little Cooks Co

Let them eat cake

An adorable option for budding young chefs, Little Cooks Co provides a monthly subscription-based recipe kit that arrives in a recyclable box. Each pack includes all the dry ingredients that kids need to bake delicious recipes such as chocolate chip cookies and carrot cakes, while keeping them engaged and interested in the joys of baking from scratch. Each pack includes collectable recipe cards and added extras to help kids learn about the origins of food and grow their own from seeds.

Price: From £8.33 per month | Sign up to Little Cooks Co


Pat a cake, pat a cake

Sign up and each month BakedIn will send you a box that contains all the dry ingredients you need to bake bread – and all types are up for grabs be it garlic and rosemary focaccia, tiger bread, pumpkin and sunflower seed bloomer or honey wheat bagels. The benefit of using a subscription kit like this is that you will only be sent the specific ingredient measurements you need so there’s no waste at the end of your baking session. We also love that BakedIn takes you out of your comfort zone as you’ll never quite know what you’ll be baking next until the box arrives.

We tried out the service and had fun making Poppy Seed Bagels. The box came with all the dry ingredients including yeast, sugar, poppy seeds and white flour, and it also contains a step-by-step recipe card. While we gave it a good attempt, we must admit we got a little impatient half way through and cut a few corners – mainly with the proving and kneading time required. So while the bagels didn’t quite look like they should’ve on the card, they still tasted pretty darn good.

Price: From £30 for 3 month subscription | Sign up to BakedIn


Books + Beer

Read, drink and be merry

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what Books + Beer has to offer. Coming up top as the subscription box with the least cryptic title, Books + Beer will send what it says - books and beer. You can sign up for a one-off box or monthly subscription and each month the recipient gets a book sent to you from a selection of all-new releases. You can tailor your box to non-fiction or crime novels, for instance. As for the beer, each box comes with two craft beers from up and coming breweries, with tasting notes and recipe suggestions to boot.

Price: From £10 per month | Sign up to Books + Beer


Pamper yourself with a good book

Looking to expand your reading repertoire beyond online scrolling? Each month you can have a handpicked (modern fiction) book delivered to your door via Reposed, plus everything you need for a relaxing evening included in the box. You’ll find treats such as chocolate and tea, luxury beauty products and elegant stationery included too. Once you’ve finished reading you can then head over the digital book club online to discuss the month’s book with other members should you wish. You’ll have to put your trust in the service to deliver a book that you’ll find worth switching Netflix off for, but it’s a good bet that you will.

Price: From £12.80 per month | Sign up to Reposed



Give a caffeine fix

Know someone who can’t string a sentence together before they’ve had their morning hit of caffeine? A subscription to a coffee gift box may be a welcome boost. Grind is the perfect accompaniment for those who already own a Nespresso machine. Each month the recipient will get a Compostable Nespresso Pods Letterbox Refill Pack, which features 30 pods in three different blends - the House Blend has notes of chocolate and hazelnut, while the Black Blend includes lighter floral notes to match a heady caffeinated kick. There’s also a decaf version too.

Price: £15 per month | Sign up to Grind


Artisan coffee sources

Rise Coffee Box is also worth waking up for as it offers one-off and subscription boxes for those who don’t like to be limited to one coffee brand. Inside the box you’ll find different coffee varieties (both whole bean and ground) from independent and inspiring UK roasters with a couple of coffee bags and a surprise treat from a small brand, such as a drink or syrup.

We tried a box and got a delicious aroma of fresh coffee when we opened it. Inside we found a 250g bag of Phippsters Jack the Lad dark roast whole coffee beans, an Arabica and Robusta combination with notes of caramel, pastry and dark chocolate, that's sourced from Brazil, Colombia and a few other countries and roasted using an eco-friendly air roasting technique in the UK. We also tried a 250g bag of La Promesa ground coffee, a delicious Colombian variety with notes of citrus, cherry and peach. Our treat was a can of Caleno tropical non-alcoholic spirit with tonic.

Price: From £17 every two weeks | Sign up to Rise

Plants, Flowers and Gardening

Bloombox Club

Plant therapy

Bloombox is a plant subscription box service that delivers unique plants each month that are hand picked by specialist growers. Each plant - be it a calathea or a strelizia - measures between 12-17cm and within the subscription package you’ll receive a ceramic pot or basket, and a beautifully illustrated booklet with tips on how to care for your plant. There’s also a surprise gift added to your box every other month.

We tried out Bloombox and the first plant to arrive - a genuine lockdown treat - was a lovely mid-sized Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens, from South America) in a chic 17cm ceramic pot. The plant care tips were simple enough to follow, to keep the Areca alive, with founder and psychologist Katie Cooper's online 'Plants and Wellness' course available for further digging. It's all very thoughtful. Scientific research shows that house plants can reduce stress levels, increase productivity and boost moods, so unless your recipient has scissors for hands you can’t go wrong with bringing more greenery into their home.

Price: £39 per month | Sign up to Bloom Box Club

Arena Flowers

Send beaut blooms on subscription

There’s nothing quite like the sight of fresh flowers to make you feel calm and grounded in these head-spinning days. Enter Arena, which is just one of the latest ethical floral companies to offer stylish bouquets on subscription. Arena offers weekly, fortnightly and monthly plans and each box arrives with one or two types of fresh, seasonal stems and greenery using British grown varieties wherever possible.

Price: From £17 per week | Sign up to Arena Flowers

Freddie's Flowers

Master the art of floristry

Freddie’s Flowers offers seasonal bouquets on a weekly subscription basis. Offering inventive displays, all its blooms come straight from the grower with stems so fresh the buds are still closed. Each week the box comes delivered with the flowers inside, plus detailed arranging notes so not only can you expand your knowledge of different varieties over time, but you can learn how to display them to best effect too. The instructions are nicely illustrated and come with detailed tips on how to make your display last longer. Freddie Flowers has also been known to throw in the odd surprise vase, complete with helpful tips on how to get the most from your flowers too.

Price: From £25 per week | Sign up to Freddie's Flowers

Mud and Bloom

Get kids gardening

Inspired by Forest School, Montessori and Steiner education, Mud and Bloom supplies seasonal gardening and nature craft boxes for 3-8 year olds. Each box contains a series of activities and leaflets with nature news, outdoor spotting games and fun things to do to teach children about animals, plants, insects, birds and the seasons. The boxes fit through the letterbox at the beginning of the month and feature a good range of activities for completing indoors and out, which makes them a great option for rainy days.

We tried a box and appreciated the good balance of craft to gardening activities. We enjoyed growing a Grape Hyacinth in yoghurt pots using peat free compost pellets, which the kids loved watching expand in water. We also had fun making an ‘air’ plant and sprouting our own mung beans, which we had to hide in a jar in a dark cupboard and water every day. The kids also enjoyed making window stars - with glue and wax paper included in the box - and finished off a morning of sowing and crafting by taking the nature quiz and looking for animals and insects outside.

Price: From £14 per month | Sign up to Mud and Bloom

Sous Chef Tasting Box

Bring restaurant-style home

A selection of gourmet food, to make the usual weekly food menu more interesting, will no doubt be a welcome idea while our favourite restaurant doors remain shut. The Sous Chef Tasting Box subscription service is perfect for sprucing up dinner on a rainy day and comes complete with five hand-picked ingredients, such as Voatsiperifery Pepper and Sweet Potato Vermicelli, all used by a selection of Europe’s top chefs. Each box includes something to eat straight away, some ingredients to use in a single dish – with inspiration on what to cook in detailed inside – and tasting notes to give you information about each artisan product. The box includes one or two fridge and store cupboard ingredients to make meal times more interesting in the days and months ahead too.

Price: From £27.50 per month | Sign up to Sous Chef

Good Canteen

A snacking game upgrade

If all you ever find is a piece of cheese and random grape when you open the fridge door, Good Canteen can sort you out. It supplies a curated selection of snack boxes on a weekly or monthly basis with an edit of the best drinks and snacks made in the UK, designed to target ‘food swings’ at four key points in your day - 11am, 3pm, 5pm, and 9pm.

The 'Morning Haze' box is filled with snacks inspired by fruity things, while 'Afternoon Delight' includes crunchy snacks and cans of fizz to drink while you’re snacking on something salty. (If you’re vegan or gluten free you can tailor your box or choose add ons as you go.) We tried the 'Evening Bliss' box; inside we found five days' worth of things to sip and eat to wind the evening down including a selection of Meda Liposomal CBD cans, a shot of Bumble Zest Lavender CBD Spirulina, a handful of beautifully scented Jing tea infusions, a herbal tea sample pack and fresh ingredients such as fresh ginger and turmeric.

This box is heavily based around chocolate snacks and we tasted the most amazing Sixty %, raw and organic Pana Chocolate and a plant-based Raspberry White chocolate. Pots from The Coconut Collaborative kept our sweet tooth going all week, as did a bar of vegan Love Raw. Each box also comes with an organic soy-wax candle scented with essential oils. Packaging is minimal and each box is plastic free and can be recycled.

Price: From £30 per week | Sign up to Good Canteen

Paxton & Whitfield

Pass the crackers

The ideal accompaniment to a wine subscription comes in the form of Paxton & Whitfield’s cheese selection box. As the oldest cheesemonger in the UK, the company offers a wide range of artisan cheese for you to discover with every box, hand-cut, wrapped and packaged from its Cotswolds cheese hub. Each box comes carefully packaged with reusable ice blocks and insulated for a chilled, overnight delivery, so it arrives as fresh as you would buy it first hand in the shop. When you sign up as a member to receive cheese on subscription you’ll receive four carefully selected cheeses, chosen for the season. We ordered a box and were pushed out of our comfort zone with a strong yet delicious selection including Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher - a naturally smoked cheese and Cashel Blue - a mellow, subtle and creamy blue cheese. One of WIRED's go-to gifts.

Price: From £120 for three months | Paxton & Whitfield


Choose your chocolate quota wisely

If you love the taste of good chocolate - and we’re not talking a quick-fix, sweet-shop buy - then head on over to Chococo for some handmade delights. A one-stop shop for anyone who appreciates good-quality chocolate, the award-winning, Dorset-based artisan chocolatier Chococo works with couverture chocolate from Madagascar, Venezuela and Colombia.

You can choose from a three-month, six-month or 12-month subscription service, and every month the beautifully presented box varies slightly to keep you on your toes. Our box had melt-in-the-mouth flavours with chocolates such as Cornish Sea Salt Caramel, Peach Bellini, Cabin Pressure Gin and Orange Odyssey.

Price: From £48 for 3 months | Sign up at Chococo

Art and Crafts


Make like an Old Master

Tools for creative endeavours make for a thoughtful gift idea and you’ll find an abundance of art boxes online that will make inspiring Old Masters of us all. Craftiosity offers a modern craft kit subscription box, which sends you all the tools you need to complete one new project per month - be it book binding, lino cutting, macrame and more.

Scrawlr Box is another great art box option and the recipient will get a monthly ‘mystery’ selection of premium art supplies from well-known brands such as Faber Castell and Chameleon Color Tones as well as high-quality new and unknown brands.

Craftiosity: From £25 per month | Sign up to Craftiosity
Scrawlr Box: From £15 per month | Sign up to Scrawlr Box

Beauty and Grooming

Glossy Box

Surprise beauty treats delivered to your door

A neat way to discover new and recommended beauty products, sign up to Glossy Box's subscription service, which costs less than £15, and each month you’ll be sent five beauty products worth over £50. The type of products you’ll receive in one box includes an indulgent Peach Bellini hand cream with aloe vera and shea butter, a Steve Laurant total repair lip mask, that hydrates lips suffering from cold weather, a Rose Gua Sha facial massage tool, a gel colour lip and cheek balm and a sugar lip scrub. Once you’ve signed up you can also enter competitions and take part in live Q&As should you wish to expand your beauty knowledge or just compare notes on beauty products with fellow Glossyboxers.

Price: From £11.75 per month | Sign up to Glossybox


Enhance your beauty regime with pampering products

Another great option for those wanting to spice up their beauty regime, Roccabox provides you with a themed beauty box every month. You can choose either a one-off box or subscribe and receive up to six surprise beauty and wellness products every month. Each box is filled with new and limited edition products from the likes of Smashbox, Nip + Fab, Huda Beauty and more. Bear in mind that not every product may be right for you, but if you’re looking to experiment with new brands and products, then it’s a good place to start. The February box had a ‘Galentines’ theme with pretty pink styling. Inside we found a Project Lip Plump & Colour that made our lips tingle (a little too much for our liking), a Crabtree & Evelyn soft touch face foam, a beautifully scented Soaper Duper Shea Butter body cream, a Nip+Fab no needle fix eye sheet mask, a Farryn Amber Floral Oud Perfume Oil and a Fentimans Rose lemonade.

Price: £10 per month | Sign up to Roccabox


Luxury grooming products

Aimed at men, Toppbox is slightly different to other subscriptions as it supplies a selection of grooming products tailored to your skin type to your home each month. While you pay from £24 for a service, the box value is actually up to £70, with up to seven products included each time. To join the Toppbox ‘club’, you need to log in and enter your details including age range, skin type, shaving preference and hair type and the company will create a bespoke box of products for you.

A typical box will include items such as Urban Jack moisturiser, which features a blend of essential oils, a Pure Purpose Detoxifying Lava Wrap face mask, a Bullet & Bone Cooling Recovery body wash, a Monu Active facial toner, a Crazy Rumors Citrus Bergamot Lip Balm, a Morgan’s Vintage 1873 Cologne and a Real Shaving Company Double Concentrated shaving cream. Likely to help you step outside your comfort zone with products you may not have thought about.

Price: From £24 per month | Sign up to Toppbox

Serenity Box

Products designed to chill

If current situations have left your nerves feeling a little frayed, Serenity Box Co has just the thing to take the edge off. The company sells a range of luxury CBD-infused products - which it suggests will promote a sense of calm, reduce irritability and elevate your mood - in wonderfully presented boxes. You can choose from a range of subscription options that let you incorporate CBD into your daily routine for CBD-novices, to those seeking higher-strength products. You can order a one-off box or subscribe to receive regular boxes and each month you’ll discover something new. A typical Starter Box has everything you need for a relaxing evening and includes 4-6 CBD products. Inside you’ll find a Paso CBD Milk Chocolate, a CBD-infused Cellulose Fibre Mask, CBD Hand, and Nail lotion, a Calm CBD Body Oil and a bottle of 2.5% Dr Ed CBD oil.

Price: From 45 per month | Sign up to Serenity Box

Additional words by Sophie Charara