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Andrew Diprose

Andrew Diprose is WIRED's Group Creative Director. He's been working in editorial design for over 25 years, and been geeking out on bikes for even longer. He regularly speaks and lectures on graphic design and art direction and is co-founder and art director of independent bike magazine The Ride Journal.

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The Best Electric Mopeds You Can Ride in 2022

Keen to avoid the petrol pump, road tax and congestion charges? Try one of these electric mopeds.

Is the Piaggio 1 the future of urban mobility?

It looks like a toy, costs £2,500 and charges like an iPhone. The very modern Piaggio 1 might just be the way forward for city travel

All the kit you need for an epic bikepacking trip

Saddle up for the summer’s most Covid safe holiday with the best gravel bikes, luggage packs and camping kit for off grid adventures
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The best backpacks for work and cycling in 2022

Whether you’re running or cycling to work, need enough space for a trip or just want your bag to last the season, WIRED Recommends the finest backpacks available

Can Specialized’s new £13,000 Aethos road bike make me faster?

Specialized’s new Aethos road bike changes everything - including your bank balance

All the gear you need for your new electric bike commute

If your new normal means an e-bike commute to work, we have the kit for you

The best outdoor wear for getting wet and keeping dry

An eco wetsuit, the ideal cycling jacket, run-off running gear, ocean-saving sneakers and even a water-cooled bike helmet. Now you just need some H2O
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The best mountain bikes you can buy right now

Which mountain bike should you buy in 2021? WIRED Recommends the best mountain bikes including the best all rounder, best hardtail, best under £2,000, the best electric mountain bike and the best race bike
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The best kids bikes in 2020

Looking for the perfect bicycle for children of all ages and abilities? Look no further. WIRED Recommends the finest rides for any budget

Forget Peloton, this indoor cycling kit is ideal for your fitness binge

Wahoo’s KICKR bike is coming to show Peloton how to do indoor bike training properly. The system, which can be modified and tweaked to a ridiculous degree, will even help set itself up using AR via your smartphone camera

Shimano’s radical new GRX Di2 system digitises your bike

The Japanese manufacturer is back with a new and improved version of its electronic shifting tech – the ideal setup if you want to drag your analogue ride into the digital age

The Vanmoof Electrified X2 is the ultimate e-bike

Can this new stylish e-bike with ramped-up security features and a turbo boost button convert WIRED’s resident pedal-head to hybrid power?

The incredible tech behind this year's Tour de France bikes

The pros don't just set off on a 3,351-kilometre race including mountain and street circuits with a single model of bike. To win the Tour teams will need three completely different rides to stand a chance

The fastest road bikes from 2019's Tour de France (that you can buy)

One of the beautiful things about cycling is that you can ride the same routes as the greats, on the same bikes. These bikes
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The best folding bikes in 2020

There are myriad choices when it comes to folding bicycles, so how do you choose the right one? We've taken a bunch on trains, tubes and tarmac to see which are streets ahead

Rapha's custom cycle kit lets you create pixel-perfect style

Get affordable, professional-quality riding kit printed on-demand and delivered to your door

Gear Of The Year 2016: This year's best rides

From trail to sky, get moving with these modes of transport from Porsche, Mason Cycles and Jaguar

Gear WIRED loves: Factor One Dura Ace Di2

Factor Bikes has built innovative rides since 2010 and its latest is no different