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Hostaway Introduces In-House Smart Lock Management for Vacation Rentals

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Imagine the convenience of controlling all aspects of your vacation rental property, including smart lock management, from one platform.

Hostaway, the go-to property management software (PMS) for vacation rentals, has made this a reality by launching its in-house smart lock integration feature. The update eliminates the need for third-party software and brings smart lock management right into the Hostaway platform.

Maria Lopez, Vice President of Product for Hostaway, highlighted the advantages: "Check-ins have always been one of the most time-consuming processes in our industry. Our direct integration solution comes packed with everything needed to effectively control and automate your smart locks, reducing the need for additional third-party software."



Property managers can now link their smart locks effortlessly to their listings within the Hostaway platform. This new capability offers more than just the remote locking and unlocking of doors. It allows for the granting of time-restricted access codes to specific guests, cleaners, and maintenance staff through automated guest messaging and the Hostway Guest Portal.

An additional layer of security comes in the form of manually adjustable codes within each reservation. The integration provides the flexibility to map multiple locks to a single listing or allocate one lock to multiple listings, catering to diverse business needs.



Lopez also pointed out the real-time insights into battery status provided by the integration: "This eliminates any guesswork and ensures that guests are not inconvenienced by unexpected lockouts."

By simplifying the check-in process and making it more efficient, Hostaway aims to improve the overall customer journey for vacation rental guests. "The new feature will help property managers provide a seamless check-in experience, making staying in a vacation rental even more desirable," Lopez added.

The smart lock feature is compatible with hundreds of the most popular smart locks on the market, making it a versatile option for property managers looking to update or expand their current systems.

As property management becomes increasingly digitized, Hostaway's new smart lock integration feature sets a new standard for what property managers can expect from an all-in-one platform.


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