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2023 Sees Turkey's Tourism Surge with Istanbul and Antalya at the Forefront

Istanbul and Antalya

In the initial seven months of 2023, Turkey welcomed 26.76 million international tourists, as reported by official data on Friday.

Foreign visitor arrivals between January and July saw an increase of 16.22% compared to the previous year, according to the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city and a primary tourist attraction, accounted for 36.5% of these visitors, totaling nearly 9.77 million in the mentioned timeframe.



Antalya, a popular Mediterranean destination, followed with 7.7 million global tourists. Additionally, Edirne in northwestern Turkey, neighboring both Bulgaria and Greece, had 2.7 million international guests.

Regarding the origin of these tourists, Russia led the list with 13%, equivalent to around 3.5 million visitors. They were trailed by Germany (12%) and the UK (7.71%).



For the month of April, Turkey saw a surge in foreign arrivals with 7.1 million, marking a 7.25% increase year-on-year. (AA)




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