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Italian PM Covers Tourists' Unsettled Bill in Albanian Eatery

Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni swiftly addressed an incident involving four Italian tourists who dined and dashed in Albania's southern city of Berat, ensuring the bill was promptly settled.

The incident came to light when Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama informed Meloni about the tourists who left a restaurant without settling their bill.

Taking to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Meloni expressed her deep regret and embarrassment over the incident. "The Italy I stand for is not one that gains attention for such indiscretions overseas. This is not an Italy that disrespects the hard work of others or finds amusement in duping others," she emphasized.



In a bid to make amends, Meloni personally reimbursed the restaurant by asking the Italian ambassador to Albania to clear the unpaid amount. The Italian Embassy further released a statement, highlighting that Italians are known for respecting rules and honoring their commitments. They expressed hope that such incidents won't tarnish the perception of Italians abroad.

The news of the unpaid bill made rounds in the Albanian media, putting the spotlight on the act of the Italian tourists. Rama, in a recent interview with the Italian daily, La Stampa, quoted Meloni's swift response to the situation. “Go and pay the check for these idiots, please,” she reportedly told the Italian ambassador, underscoring her dedication to rectifying the situation.



While this episode was a minor hiccup, Meloni's visit to Albania, as a guest of Premier Rama, aimed at strengthening ties between the two nations. (AA)


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