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Alleged Gang Rape in Majorca Resort Under Investigation: Six Tourists Detained


Spanish authorities have initiated an inquiry into a distressing incident involving an 18-year-old British woman who was allegedly gang-raped in the prominent holiday resort of Magaluf, Majorca (Mallorca). This unsettling episode occurred early Monday at a hotel known both for its vibrant parties and pristine white-sand beaches.

The young British woman was reportedly found by the hotel's security personnel crying for assistance outside the establishment. She detailed that after consenting to visit one of the suspect's rooms, she was sexually assaulted by all six individuals. It is believed that one of the accused captured the heinous act on his mobile phone.

In swift action following the event, police detained six individuals — five from France and one from Switzerland — on charges of sexual assault and infringement of privacy rights. The suspects, all in their early twenties, are currently being held in custody as the investigation unfolds. Spain's Guardia Civil police force spokesperson confirmed the custody order but refrained from delving into specifics.



It's imperative to note that under Spanish law, the term "sexual assault" encompasses a broad range of offenses. This spectrum spans from online harassment and unsolicited physical advances to rape, each carrying its own distinct legal repercussions.

This recent incident marks the second alleged gang rape in Majorca within just a few months. Earlier in late June, another case surfaced in Platja de Palma where a group of German tourists in their early twenties was accused of sexually assaulting a woman.



The recurrent nature of such cases in the island's holiday resorts has raised alarming concerns about the safety of tourists, particularly amidst the bustling party scenes where alcohol is readily available. As the investigation advances, the international community is closely monitoring the proceedings, hoping for justice and increased safety measures for visitors to the region.


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