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Naked Stroll Costs Tourist €80 Fine at Palma de Mallorca Beach


In an unusual event, a tourist has been reported by the Local Police of Palma, Spain, for walking naked on the sands of Playa de Palma and taking a dip in the sea, the city council confirmed.

The incident occurred around 4 PM on Monday, leading the officers to enforce the Regulatory Ordinance of the Civil Use of Public Spaces (ORUCEP). The ORUCEP outlines penalties ranging from €100 to €750 for minor violations, €750 to €1500 for serious violations, and €1500 to €3000 for very serious violations.

The penalty for this particular transgression was set at €100. However, since the tourist opted to pay on the spot, the fine was reduced to €80. The incident serves as a reminder for tourists to respect local customs and regulations while enjoying their vacations.



It's vital to remember that not all beaches in Majorca are nudist-friendly. Here are the popular nudist beaches in Majorca.




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