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Flying in Style: Private Flights Redefining Luxury Travel

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When it comes to luxury travel, private flying is the one key factor that makes an experience feel genuinely exclusive. It is a way for travellers to fly to their destination in private, coupled with all the comfort you can expect from private jets.

You can also personalise your experience. It is also important to note that private flying goes far beyond what commercial flights can offer. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, private jets deliver so much in terms of luxuriousness and have defined exactly what luxury is in terms of travel. We will look at flying in style and how private flights have redefined luxury travel.


This is one of the most significant advantages of private jet charter. Unlike commercial flights, where you are squashed into tiny seats with little legroom, a private flight provides an intimate environment. You can enjoy the company of your family, friends, or business associates while you relax, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the lack of distractions around. Additionally, there are private lounges at most international airports, which you will likely have access to, as well as priority expedited boarding. No queues — what a win!



Tailor-made experiences

Luxury travel is all about tailor-made experiences. You can customise your experience to suit your specific needs. You can even go as far as to select the type of private plane you want to charter, and it’s really up to you. A luxury traveller can enjoy fully customising their in-flight trip from the amenities to the food and comfort. Look at it this way, say you are travelling with your family, and some members are vegan, others eat meat, and some are allergic to milk. You can request that your in-flight meal caters to everyone’s needs. You will be served delicious meals, some even cooked by a private chef in certain instances, that cater unobtrusively to everyone on board.

Private aviation leasing companies such as ACS understand that luxury is about the destination and the entire journey. And as a result, they often go to great lengths to provide customised experiences for their clients.




There is nothing quite like sitting in a comfortable seat on an aeroplane. Even commercial flights offer comfort in their business and first-class sections. However, nothing can compare to private aviation. The cabins in private planes are spacious, offering leg room for days, which is ultimately a massive advantage. There’s also plush, comfortable seating and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. You can conduct virtual meetings or spend time with your family with some games and movies, everything in the sky.  

Frequent private flyers have shared their experiences with comfort and how, in many cases, private jets reflect their own personal style. Interiors are set up to reflect who the person is, luxurious settings are added for those who need extra relaxation, and so much more.  

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Flexibility and convenience

These two terms are synonymous with luxury travel. Private flying offers something commercial flying cannot: the freedom to choose when you want to fly. This is great for people with busy schedules that often change at a minute's notice. Additionally, you can also adjust your itinerary when you need to.  

Commercial aviation operates on a strict schedule, which is understandable since companies transport millions of people worldwide. However, many private airline companies have either their respective airports or a private section at an international airport reserved for chartered and privately owned planes. Meaning it is easily accessible for you and there are no queues. Yes, we mentioned queues twice, but this is a game-changer for frequent flyers.  

It is open to all

There is a misconception that private flying is only reserved for the rich and famous. But this is simply not true. Friends and families are rallying together and chartering flights all over the world. Everyone is getting in on the private flying lifestyle. Even dogs! Recently, a woman chartered her furry little friends from Dublin to New Jersey. Overall, more people are seeing the benefits of customised flights. Opting instead to share the expenses amongst friends allows everyone enjoys the experience rather than just endure it.  

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Peace and quiet

Even if you have only flown once, you understand how frustrating it can be to travel commercially. People are talking, shouting, and even knocking your elbow. But the peak of luxury travel is the fact that you will not experience any of this onboard a private jet. You are afforded the luxury of enjoying your flight, long or short-haul, in peace. No interruptions!  

Private flying has redefined luxury travel and is fast becoming, and continues to be, one of the hottest trends. So much so we are seeing more individuals taking the opportunity to take to the skies in luxury, tailoring their experience to their needs, from in-flight entertainment to food. Change your itinerary at a minute's notice while avoiding long queues, and travel in comfort. Keep your legs stretched, and even take a proper nap as you travel all over the world!


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